PHANTOM technologies enable the development of next generation heterogeneous, parallel and low-power computing systems through innovative tools that hide the complexity of computing hardware from the programmer.

Technology Innovations

Multi-Objective Mapper

Monitoring Platform

FPGA Infrastructure

Security Automation

Deployment Manager

Resource Management

Industrial Impacts


Reinforce and expand Europe's strong position in low-power computing in traditional and new market segments. PHANTOM brings expertise in the fields of hardware and software co-design, security, monitoring, multi-dimensional optimization, testing, parallel programming, system software for resource management and reconfigurable heterogeneous hardware platforms and applies a multi-disciplinary approach for creation of a technology ecosystem comprising both academic and industrial R&D centres addressing low-power computing.

Reduction of energy consumption of Europe's computing centres and servers. PHANTOM addresses energy efficiency not only in servers but also in the whole computing continuum from embedded systems, mobile devices, desktops to cloud and data centres as it considers energy consumption as a cross-cutting and holistic issue proposes solutions in both hardware and software layers in a coordinated manner to better manager energy consumption in a wide range of systems.


Increased productivity in efficiently programming and maintaining advanced computing systems powering cyber-physical systems. PHANTOM provides a suite of programmer and productivity orientated software tools for supporting application developers both in programming and in managing the computing infrastructure by hiding the hardware complexity from application developers, and enabling developers to spend more time developing the functional and added value features rather than porting or building up systems for different software/hardware architectures.

Increased adoption of concurrency and higher degree of parallelism in applications. PHANTOM is focused on enabling systems to achieve new levels of resource heterogeneity by addressing the granularity of systems at the level of a processing unit. The provided technology infrastructure is designed to simplify for developers the exploitation of heterogeneous multi-core hardware including CPUs, GPUs, reconfigurable devices (FPGA), as well as analogue processing embedded hardware with standard PC interfaces. A parallelization toolset that maintains intrinsically the code parallelization in an efficient way, and a multi-objective scheduler that maps the application components to the hardware heterogeneous platforms following a number of application-driven and system-driven optimization criteria are provided.

Increased trust in embedded applications due to secure and reliable architectures. PHANTOM provides system security across all levels to enable developers to design, implement and deploy robust systems on heterogeneous distributed platforms as previously done on monolithic and homogeneous distributed platforms. The architecture of the system and the integrity of the components are protected by strong isolation and information flow control mechanisms.

Model Based Testing

Parallelisation Toolset

Programming Model

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